Announcing Alto’s Adventure

After over a year of hard work it feels great to finally let the cat out of the bag. This is our biggest project to date, and we’re incredibly excited about it.

Introducing, Alto’s Adventure: http://www.altosadventure.com

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– Ryan


A little update on Checkmark 2 so far

Just thought I’d take a quick second to update everyone on Checkmark 2 so far.

First off – a HUGE thank-you to everyone that has purchased the app so far. Without you guys we couldn’t do what we do. Thanks a lot. Seriously.

Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone that has written about the app. We appreciate every review we get, big or small. It’s great to see read reviews of a product we created from scratch and spent so much time working on.

We’re thrilled to be reading the good, but it’s also helpful to hear the bad, or anything people think needs work.

It was also awesome to see Apple feature Checkmark in the Productivity section right when we launched the app last Tuesday.


While we can’t link to every review, here are some of the ones we really enjoyed:

Dave Caolo, writing for TUAW:

This handy reminders app looks great, improves on old features and adds some new stuff. After a week of use I’ve promoted Checkmark 2 to my iPhone’s home screen.

Full review: http://www.tuaw.com/2014/03/11/checkmark-2-reminder-app-ships-next-week/

Dan Moren, writing for Macworld (Staff Pick)

I appreciate the handiness of Apple’s own Reminders app, when I want real power I turn to Snowman’s $3 Checkmark 2 for iPhone.

Full review: http://www.macworld.com/article/2109591/checkmark-2-reminds-you-to-do-that-thing-at-the-place.html

Alex Heath, writing for Cult of Mac:

Checkmark 2 For iPhone Is The Smartest Location-Based To-Do App Money Can Buy

Read the full review: http://www.cultofmac.com/270535/checkmark-2-iphone-smartest-location-based-app-money-can-buy/

Lory Gil, writing for iDownloadBlog:

Just like its predecessor, this is the app that Reminders wishes it could be. It has plenty of convenient options, great integration with location-based notifications, and looks good with iOS 7.

Full review: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/03/19/checkmark-2-review/

Shawn Blanc, writing on his personal website:

I’ve long been a user and a fan of Checkmark because I think it handles location-based reminders better than any other app out there, including Apple’s own Reminders app.

Full review: http://shawnblanc.net/2014/03/checkmark-2/

Thorin Klosowski, writing for Lifehacker:

Overall, Checkmark 2 is a lot easier to use than the original and it’s still more powerful than Apple’s Reminders app.

Read the rest here: http://lifehacker.com/checkmark-adds-lists-groups-and-more-to-its-location-1546399386

Mikhail Madnani, writing for Beautiful Pixels:

Checkmark 2 looks fantastic and does the job perfectly.

Read the rest: https://beautifulpixels.com/iphone/checkmark-2-iphone-reminders-app/

And last but not least, Jim Dalrymple, writing for The Loop

This is a nice app, I like it.

As mentioned: http://www.loopinsight.com/2014/03/18/checkmark-2/

We were thrilled to see Checkmark featured in the main Featured section on the App Store when it refreshed Thursday afternoon. Checkmark 2 is featured in almost every country, which is incredible. It’s such an awesome feeling after all the hard work we put into the app.


We climbed all the way up to #18 in Top Paid in Canada, and have been sitting quite steadily around 30 for the last few days. Here’s to hoping we can climb higher, or at least stay where we are for a while!

On Saturday Apple sent out a tweet from the official App Store account with over 2.5M followers. Fingers crossed for a Facebook post :)


We’ve been hearing a lot of feedback from our customers as well, and we’re doing our best to answer any support emails as fast as we can. So far our response times have been under 24 hours, and in some cases are instantaneous!

A lot of people are wondering what the future holds in store for Checkmark, and while I can’t talk about anything specific at this time, I can confirm a few things:

  • Option to pick the default view (you’ll be able to choose between When, Where, Lists, or “Last used”).
  • 24-hour time support (this was our mistake – should have been in there from day one)
  • URL scheme support for Launch Center Pro, etc. (we’re going to add support for “Launch Checkmark 2” in the next update, and hopefully more specific functions later)
  • Many little bug and crash fixes

If you have a specific request for Checkmark 2, feel free to send it in to feedback@builtbysnowman.com.

Thanks again for everyone that’s helped us get where we are today, including our beta testers, reviewers, customers, and the people at Apple that have supported us.

Lastly, if you’re enjoying Checkmark, it’d be awesome if you could take a moment and rate it in the App Store – it’s a huge help to us. And if you’re enjoying an app someone else made, take a second to rate their app too – I’m sure they’d really appreciate it, and you’re helping them continue to build the products you use and love.


Ryan Cash


Checkmark 2 for iPhone is here

Today’s the day! 

After a ton of hard work I’m incredibly please to announce that Checkmark 2 is now available on the App Store. 

We’re having a launch sale.

For a limited time you can download Checkmark 2 for $2.99 – 50% off the regular price.

But hurry, the price is going up to $5.99 soon.

Checkmark 2 features an all-new design and tons of new features to make you more productive than ever.

You can learn more about Checkmark 2 and all of the new features here.


Checkmark 2 for iPhone® and iPod touch® Helps You Stay Ahead of Your To-Do’s

Toronto, Canada — March 18th 2014 — Snowman today released Checkmark 2 for iPhone and iPod touch, a major update to the critically acclaimed to-do app originally released in 2012. Checkmark helps people stay on top of everything they have to do in their busy lives.

Checkmark 2 has been designed exclusively for Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. Version 2 includes powerful new features such as Location Groups, One-tap Remind Rescheduling, Date-specific Location-based Reminders, Flexible Recurring Reminders, iCloud Sync and the all-new Lists section.

Checkmark 2 Features

  • Create date and time-based reminders faster and easier than a calendar.
  • Reschedule reminders with only one-tap (push them ahead by minutes, hours, or days).
  • Create powerful location-based reminders in only 3 taps for a single location, or for a group of locations.
  • Manage projects for work and everyday to-do lists, and organize them with headers.
  • Set daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly, or custom recurring reminders.

Pricing and Availability

Checkmark 2 is available for an introductory price of $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/checkmark2. After the launch regular price will be $5.99. Checkmark 2 is designed for iOS 7. Checkmark 2 is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Additional Information

A limited number of Promotional Codes are available to members of the media. Journalists interested in receiving one should contact Ryan Cash, Founder - ryan@builtbysnowman.com.

Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download from here: http://builtbysnowman.com/Checkmark2_PressKit.zip


Built By Snowman, Inc. builds beautiful apps that people find helpful everyday – to stay more organized, to be more productive and to have more fun. Snowman currently has two games (Circles and Super Squares) and one productivity app (Checkmark 2) available on the App Store. 

Press Contact

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Checkmark 2 launches next Tuesday

Checkmark 2 goes on sale on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014.

We made a little video for it that you can watch in the meantime. It’s a follow-up to the original Checkmark 1 commercial. We hope you enjoy it.

Watch the ad here: http://builtbysnowman.com/checkmark/

For those that have been wondering, Checkmark 2 will be sold as a paid upgrade (not a free update to the existing app). 

Since there’s currently no way to offer an in-app “upgrade” sort of thing, and since we don’t really have a reason to charge for a subscription, this is the right move for our company. We want to continue building great software, but we can’t do that without charging for our time.

We’re going to launch the app with a special introductory price, so make sure you get it right when we launch – before it goes up to the regular price.

You should follow us on Twitter to ensure you don’t miss the launch.